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About us

Pheasant Plucker is a Bournemouth based greeting card brand, founded by Eva whilst at uni studying Maths as an excuse to escape the mundane coursework. Sarah, our joint director, joined us a little while after and made us all professional and stuff!

We create straight to the point cards (usually with a gin and tonic in our hands), inspired by popular and on-trend culture. Some are naughty, some are a little cheeky and some are so flipping rude that they will make you blush (our favourites for sure hehe!)

Pheasant Plucker is currently stocked in a number of retailers across the UK but we are totally keen to get in more awesome shops, so if you would like us to be seen in your local shop, or if you are a stockist and keen to see our catalogue, give us a cheeky message.

It'd be seriously cool to hear from you!

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