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August 20, 2019

Adrift - 4/5 Stars

I’ve got to say this film, based on a true story, had me gripped the whole time... and that’s surprising bearing in mind usually I’m asleep 5 minutes in to a film.  

Now I’m super scared of the sea anyway, but this one has really made me see a terrifying side to nature that I never want to experience personally. You won’t get me on a sailing trip after seeing this film, that’s for sure!! 

I’ve got to say I personally love both of the main actors in Adrift and the romance side to things is totally tolerable and not too smooshy. 

If you like a bit of action mixed with a bit of romancey stuff and some scary weather, I would definitely recommend a watch if you haven’t seen it. 

We would give this one 4 stars.